School's Out Camp Gear List


Please bring a backpack with the following every day:

  • Rain jacket
  • Healthy sack lunch**
  • Water bottle** 
  • 2 healthy snacks**
  • An extra warm layer
  • Shoes appropriate for course activities - please include snow boots for outdoor activities, if appropriate, and a change of shoes for indoor time.  

*The weather in Montana during this time of year can be inclement and unpredictable. It is your responsibility to properly prepare your child to play and learn outside.  For the safety and comfort of the group, classes will move in and out-of-doors at the instructors' discretion. Thank you for helping us accommodate your child's needs.    

**MOSS is committed to reducing waste in every way possible. Please consider re-usable packaging and bottles when packing food and water

Don't forget to double check backpack contents before leaving home each morning!